Market Samurai官方半价促销 仅限5天

Market Samurai官方宣布,从12月2日到6日,原价$147的市场武士,现在只需要$72就能终身使用,需要购买的小伙伴注意了,不要错过这个好机会。注意中国时间是从12月3日13点-12月7日13点。

Starting on Monday 2nd December 2013 (just 5 days from now) we’re running a crazy 50% OFF discount on Market Samurai (which is a whopping $75 off)- in the Warrior Forum, as a WSO…
However, THIS NEW offer is only available for 5 days, and it ends at MIDNIGHT on December 6th 2013 (Pacific Standard Time)…


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